The Sanctuary Office Park has gone green!

The Sanctuary Office Park is proud to announce that we are a green office park! On Monday, October 20, 2014, the park initiated a recycling program. Since the initiation of the program, the Sanctuary Office Park has reduced waste by 75%. Prior to the recycling program, the park was filling (3) 8-yard trash containers on a weekly basis, the contents of which were sent to a local landfill.

The program included the labeling all individual office waste containers to communicate which materials are allowed in each. The Sanctuary Office Park distributed posters to each tenant detailing exactly which items are considered recyclable. All kitchen areas are also equipped with a large container for recyclable items such as water bottles, cans, paper, aluminum and cardboard.

We have placed an 8-yard recycle container between buildings 3 and 5. This container is emptied twice each week. The single 8-yard non-recycle container is emptied once each week.

Thank you for your cooperation with our new recycling program! If you wish to discuss this program in more detail, please contact Thomas Crosby.

Current tenants, please click here for details regarding the recycling program and pick up days.